The Land of the Sky Symphonic Band was founded in 1990 by Bob Lee and Rene Simson, two Enka High School alumni who wanted to start a band with their highschool director John Lackey and as many Enka alumni as they could find. Because of garnered interest from many calls to alumni as well as ads in the local paper, it was apparant that the band would instead become a community band.

The band remained a community style band for several years until John retired and moved from the Asheville area. At this point, the band took on a dramatic change, losing most of its members. What was left was the heart of the band. Determined to succeed, this core group continued to meet weekly, finding directors as needed for its rehearsals and concerts. With each director, the band grew in its playing abilities and chose to raise its standards by remaining small and choosing its members by invitation or by audition. With an elected board of directors, the band was soon able to attain the status of a nonprofit organization - a difficult task, requiring a constitution and bylaws to be written and perfected over at least two years.

In 2010, the twenty year anniversary of the band's founding, the Land of the Sky Band became a member of the Association of Concert Bands. Today, the Land of the Sky Symphonic Band is a forty-three piece band made up of skilled amateurs and professional musicians.